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Jony Monzón: «Guanini is a favorite, but Davinia will leave the title at home»

Jony Monzón: «Guanini is a favorite, but Davinia will leave the title at home»

The trainer of boxer Davinia Pérez, Jony Monzón, considers that Argentine Jorgelina Guanini is a favorite in the fight that will be played on Saturday, October 7 with the world super bantamweight belt at stake, although he is convinced that his disciple will prevail and will become the Canarian to be world champion.

Monzón, a 35-year-old ex-husband, lived an intense and happy day on Tuesday, when he learned that Davinia will box for the world title.

«When I woke up I had several messages on my cell phone from the manager of Promotion Boxing Kas, José Castro, who has made all this come true. He told me that Davinia will dispute the world title with the Argentine boxer, “he recalls, in statements to Efe.

The Canarian boxer’s coach assures that the preparation is carried out “quite well, because it began in November of last year, when Davinia was going to make her professional debut.”

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“Every time more has been demanded of us and we have climbed a notch in terms of its preparation. It will come to October at the right time, “he says.

Jony Monzón, who works alongside his assistant Sergio González, is the one who best knows “The girl with the hammer”, a nickname he gave her because of the harshness of his fighter’s punch.

«Davinia is very technical and aggressive, and all the blows are taken from the book. He combines his technical foundations with his aggressiveness and explosiveness, as he throws five or six hands in less than two seconds. In the previous evening he played eight rounds and wanted to do another eight more », he reveals.

«Now the intensity will have to increase a little bit, because the fight of the World-wide one will be to ten rounds of two minutes. We had planned to box at super flyweight to win the European title, but we will finally contest the World Cup at super bantamweight »(agreed at 53,700 kilos), he reveals.

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That change of category, according to Monzón, will be better for Davinia, since it will make it easier for her to weigh in on the scale and better exploit her qualities.

“I knew that fighting for the world title was going to come sooner or later, because Davinia is very ambitious and loves a challenge. He has already faced and won Katherine Quintana, who in turn was measured against the best fighters in Spain, and also far exceeded the test against Maribel de Sousa. I think she’s ready for whatever comes her way, “she says.

“Jorgelina is a little more experienced than Davinia due to the number of fights she has been in and, in addition, she has already contested the world title, which is why she is the favorite. To win we must prepare the fight as if it were the last, but I think that the title will stay at home, “he says.

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This conviction is given because, according to Monzón, the greater the challenge, the more Davinia trains and motivates herself.

“There is no room for defeat in his mind. She is a humble girl who respects all rivals, although she also thinks that no one is better than her. That has led her to success in her five professional matches and to fight for this title, “he says. EFE

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