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José Canseco used steroids for wanting to surprise his mother

José Canseco used steroids for wanting to surprise his mother

Former MLB player Jose Canseco revealed why he used steroids after the death of his mother.

Jose Canseco, who was one of the star players of his time, damaged his legacy by testing positive for steroids, earning the hatred of many fans and losing their respect.

However, there is a reason why you decided to adapt to the world of steroids.

“In the middle of the season, my mother passed away, she had had an aneurysm that left her brain dead. That was a great turning point for me, because my mother had never seen me play professionally and on her deathbed, two days before she passed away, I promised her “Mom for you I will become the best goalkeeper in the world; literally three days after he died I found the steroids and became obsessed with them. “

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In about 1,887 MLB games, Canseco hit 266. with 462 home runs, 1407 RBIs, 1,186 runs scored, 1,877 hits, 200 stolen bases and was MVP, 4 times silver bat, 6 times all-star, Rookie of the year and two-time World Series champion.

Jose Canseco played 9 seasons with the Oakland Athletes, 3 with the Texas Rangers, 2 with the Boston Red Sox, 2 with the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Rays, one with the New York Yankees and another with the White. Chicago Sox. (Fielding) (GG)

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