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Juan Lebrón: “Being number one in the world did not change my life”

Juan Lebrón: “Being number one in the world did not change my life”
The Spanish Juan Lebrón, number one in the world padel ranking, assured this Thursday that being the best player in the world did not change his life, although it is a dream come true.

“Being number one in the world did not change my life. It’s a dream come true, I’m enjoying it, but we have to compete and we are focused; Nothing changes me, I’m still the same person, working every day as if it were the last, with a family and everything the same, “Lebrón said in an interview with Efe.

Originally from Puerto Santa María, in Cádiz, Lebrón became the first Spanish leader on the world paddle list last week by reaching the final of the Sao Paulo Open with his partner Paco Navarro, in which the duo beat their compatriots Uri Botello and Javier Ruiz.

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«I have not looked at the ranking for two or three years, although I did know that by winning the semifinal I was going to be number one. I did not celebrate because the final was missing and we immediately traveled to Mexico for the new championship, “he said.

Lebrón and Navarro will debut this Thursday at the Mexico Open, the last stop on the world circuit before the Barcelona Master that will close the season. They will face Argentine Martín Di Nenno and Spanish Javier Garrido in the round of 16.

When referring to the new challenge, the best player in the world, predicted surprises because the height of Mexico City, 2,240 meters above the sea will wreak havoc, in addition to the heat.

Padel celebrates with the Open its 50 years of existence after having been invented in the port of Acapulco; Although it is a sport with an established professional circuit and millions of followers, it is inevitable that it is linked to tennis, one of the sports on which it bases its rules.

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«It never occurred to me to play tennis, I don’t know Rafa Nadal, but I would love to because he is a benchmark in every way. Tennis is a world sport and its best players are like aliens, who knows, maybe I made the wrong sport, although I am happy in paddle tennis, “he acknowledged.

Lebrón and his partner will have to place themselves well in Mexico and in the Master to keep number one and escape the stalking of the Argentines Maximiliano Sánchez and Carlos Gutiérrez and other figures well placed on the world list.

«The objective is to continue at the top, this tournament will be demanding; Paquito and I hope to close strong and we are ready, “he added.

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When referring to his partner, who will reach him in the first place of the ranking next Monday, Lebrón acknowledged that one of the keys to his good performances is the coupling with Navarro.

«Paquito has all the blows, he has matured and he teaches me on the path of maturity. We get on well, we are delighted to work together, “he said.

According to the Spaniard, his philosophy consists of going game by game so as not to lose concentration and not think so much about numbers.

“Now I only see competing in Mexico, I do not see the long term, I am prepared for this tournament, Paquito and I will have to work hard,” he concluded.

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