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Julio César Chávez affirms that today there would not be enough money to pay him

Julio César Chávez affirms that today there would not be enough money to pay him

Mexican Julio César Chávez, former world champion in the super featherweight, light and super lightweight divisions, said on Monday that at present there would not be enough money to pay a bag for a fight like the one he had in 1990 against Meldrick Taylor.

“There is no money that is enough for something like that, they could not pay me for a fight like that, although today gigantic amounts of money are paid,” Chávez shared at the end of his presentation as Mister Amigo, a binational agreement between the cities of Brownsville (Texas , United States) and Matamoros (Tamaulipas, Mexico) to strengthen their ties.

On March 17, 1990, Chávez, Superlight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), faced in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) the American Meldrick Taylor, Superlight champion of the International Boxing Federation (IBF).

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Until the eleventh round, Taylor appeared as the winner on the scorecards, but in the last, 15 seconds from the end, Chávez hit Taylor with a violent right hand that sent him to the canvas and gave him the victory in the considered best fight of 1990.

Chávez took a purse of 1.4 million dollars and Taylor pocketed 1 million.

Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the WBC, endorsed the words of the former champion.

“Chávez is the greatest in the entire history of Mexican boxing and although the bags today are millionaires, if Floyd Mayweather won 300 million dollars in a fight, imagine how much Chávez would win, it would be something of a fantasy,” Sulaiman said.

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And the example of the magnet that Julio César Chávez generates today are the exhibition fights that he still has at 57 years of age.

«Time passes, memories and recognitions come and there are no words for all the people who remember my fights and ask me for photos and autographs, I am 57 years old and the tickle of boxing remains in me, I already had an exhibition with the« Naughty »and I have another one agreed».

Julio César Chávez was measured in an exhibition fight on November 22, 2019 against his compatriot Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce, former WBC flyweight champion and flyweight champion, of which Chávez emerged the winner. The new battle is agreed for next March 7 in Hermosillo (Sonora, Mexico).

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“Every day I battle and train my body, but the most important thing is to be clean of drugs and alcohol, and now it has allowed me to help many people who have these problems, because I would have already died if I had not recovered.”

Chávez boasted that he has been clean of drugs and alcohol for 10 years and that is why he seeks with these exhibition fights to help whoever needs it. Efe

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