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Julio César Chávez leaves the murder of his brother in the hands of the law

Julio César Chávez leaves the murder of his brother in the hands of the law
The Mexican Julio César Chávez, former world champion of boxingHe will leave everything to the law to investigate and clarify the murder of his brother Rafael, despite the fact that he said he knew “people at all social levels,” including drug traffickers.
«I want all this to be done by means of the law, that everything is under the law. I will leave everything in the hands of justice and I hope they will follow up on this murder, which was cruel, “Chávez declared at a press conference.
Chávez accused the press of conveniently quoting his statements about having friends of all kinds and suggested that he would ask his drug traffickers for help to “investigate” the case.
“I said I have friends of all kinds and I have always said it, be it drug traffickers, politicians, because I am a public person and I have never denied a photo or an autograph to anyone,” he said.
“They respect me for what I have done,” he added.
Regarding the information that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned him that they wanted to kidnap him and one of his daughters (Nicole) in the border city of Tijuana, he said that this information was sent to the Ceremonial Center Otomí, in the State of Mexico, when he was concentrated with his son Julio César for the fight with Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez.
In addition, the former 54-year-old took the opportunity to offer an apology to the governors of the states of Baja California, Franciso Vega, and Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, for the “strong statements” he made against him in which he described them as incompetent and pointed out that they were not doing anything for the safety of citizens.
Rafael Chávez, Julio César Chávez’s brother and who tended two buildings for drug and alcohol addicts, was shot to death on Sunday night in Culiacán, Sinaloa.
Chávez assured that the criminals who took his brother’s life were drugged and that they entered his home to demand money from him; However, despite the fact that Rafael gave them 3,000 pesos (about $ 170), they demanded more. This led to a confrontation in which the criminals shot the victim.
The expugile trusted that the authorities will soon arrest the person or persons responsible for the crime, since the investigations are well advanced.
“We must be united and fight with criminals, so that this does not continue to happen,” he said.
He announced that his family is organizing a boxing match, as a tribute to his brother Rafael “El Borrego” Chávez, which will take place at the end of July in Culiacán. EFE
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