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Julio César Chávez says his son can beat ‘Canelo’ Álvarez

Julio César Chávez says his son can beat ‘Canelo’ Álvarez
Former Mexican world champion Julio César Chávez said today that his son, who bears the same name, can beat his compatriot Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez in the fight they will star on May 6 in Las Vegas, United States.
Chávez, 54, who currently works as a television analyst, anticipated a difficult fight for his offspring, but is confident that he can come out with his hand up if he prepares thoroughly.
“July well prepared, well concentrated, not only can he beat ‘Canelo’, he can beat anyone and that will happen on May 6,” declared the so-called ‘César del boxing‘at the press conference in which the fight was presented this day in this capital.
«I see a difficult, hard fight; I have always said ‘Canelo’ is a great fighter who has grown and we have already seen the best of Álvarez, but not the best of Julio, “he added.
Meanwhile, the promoter of the fight, the American Oscar de la Hoya, who defeated “JC” Chávez on two occasions, when both were active, qualified the boxing Mexican as “the best in the world” and noted that when there are “two Mexicans in the ring we know it will be a great fight.”
De la Hoya, who takes care of Álvarez’s career, acknowledged that it was not difficult to arrange the fight since “they both want each other (they want to fight).”
Álvarez will enter the ring with a mark of 48 wins, 34 before the limit, one loss and one draw, and Chávez will arrive with a service record with 50 wins, 32 on the fast track, two losses and a draw. EFE
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