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Julio César Chávez will ask his son to retire from boxing

Julio César Chávez will ask his son to retire from boxing

After receiving a cataract of blows in the ring and being a victim of his daughter’s innocence, Julio César Chávez Júnior now suffered criticism from his father.
The former boxer defeated his son in public statements, after the unanimous decision loss to “Canelo” Álvarez: “I was totally disappointed,” the former world welterweight champion said in a dialogue with ESPN about Junior’s performance and added: “I asked him to throw blows and if he lost to do so with dignity, but not like this.”
Chávez said that he did not live the fight calmly, although he remained on the sidelines of giving indications: “I despaired a lot, he did not throw blows, I did not want to scream so that they would not blame me.”
Before the fight, the diet that Chávez Junior followed in order to find the weigh-in had been the subject of debate. Finally it became clear that the regime harmed the Mexican’s performance on the ring: “He says that his body did not respond to him, that he felt very weak,” said his father.
The former fighter said that if his son does not change his behavior and still does not listen to those who love him, he should rethink his sports situation: “If Julio does not change, I would ask my son to retire.” (Infobae)

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