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Julio César Chávez will reappear at 58 against ‘El Navieso’ Arce

Julio César Chávez will reappear at 58 against ‘El Navieso’ Arce

Mexican Julio César Chávez, world boxing champion in three different divisions, will reappear on September 25 at the age of 58 in an exhibition fight against his compatriot Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce, to raise funds and give aid to people affected by COVID-19.

“It is not easy to get into the ring, even with the ‘tooth’, which is very bad, but not so much at the time of the fight,” said Chávez jokingly when referring to his friend Arce, five times world champion.

The lawsuit, in Tijuana, north of the country, will have its third version after two previous fights in which the fighters went into the ring protected, with the purpose of raising funds.

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Chávez acknowledged that at his age it takes a lot of work to run, hit the sack and box, but he is motivated to raise money as a way of being supportive.

“I want to go to the poorest places in Culiacán and Tijuana to bring pantries and face masks for this pandemic,” explained the greatest Mexican boxer in history.

The retired professional fighter will also pay eight scholarships for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, as a way of gratitude for having risen from addictions at some point in his life.

«You have to tell people that you can live without alcohol and without drugs, but you need rehabilitation and that costs; we are going to help, “he said.

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‘El Travieso’ Arce described it as an honor to face his greatest idol, whom he followed as a child and is a legend of Mexican sports.

“Keep training, old man, he thinks daddy has it, but the fight will be behind closed doors and no one is going to save him there,” joked Arce when referring to the four-round fight with masks.

The undercard will have other fights, among them those that will have as protagonists Julio and Omar Chávez, sons of the mythical fighter, considered one of the great athletes of Latin America in the 20th century.

Arce spoke of his initiative to raise money to build small rooms with bathrooms for people who live in cardboard houses and Julio César supported him with the offer to help build 10 of those buildings.

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