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Kershaw: “Urías has known how to do things well”

Kershaw: “Urías has known how to do things well”

In the 2020 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers ended a 32-year drought, winning the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays in 6 games, and one of the players who most enjoyed reaching that moment, after carrying years of frustrations , is left-hander Clayton Kershaw.
The stellar pitcher was finally able to live an experience he dreamed of for more than 14 years, since since 2006 he belongs to this squad after he was drafted by them and he only had to see all the moments of sadness and disappointment that accumulated. with the passing of the seasons.
“I think this is the moment that every major league player dreams of. After many years of effort, we managed to obtain a World Series ring thanks to the work that each member of the organization did, from the managers and players to the people who work in the stadium. Sport is wonderful for these kinds of special moments that it allows us to experience ”, he commented exclusively for Seventh Inning.
Debuting on May 25, 2008 for the Los Angeles Dodgers and with a career of 13 seasons in the Major Leagues, “Kersh” talked about the way he lived the final minutes of Game 6 of the World Series, a match in which they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays by slate 4-2.
“The last moments of the game seemed to last forever, we were just waiting eagerly from the bullpen for the moment when the last out was achieved and seeing Julio (Urías) take out 27 from the hill was a moment that I cannot describe. . I just looked up at the sky and thanked God because I felt blessed, it was time to enjoy with my family and teammates, “said the southpaw.
In order to win the 2020 World Series, Clayton Kershaw had to go through very difficult times, basically because in seasons prior to reaching the October games, he did not have the success he presented in the regular season and came out without a decision or with the defeat, a situation that became frustrating, since he was the target of all kinds of ridicule and aggression.
“It was very difficult when October came around and people didn’t have much faith in me. We always go out with all the desire to do things well in each game, but there are simply moments when baseball does not give you and you must keep going because the effort always pays off. I came home after my bad starts and of course I felt sad because victory is always sought and I think that in the 2020 season I learned a lot about mental strength, “he confessed.
Kershaw knows what it’s like to live under the spotlight and the pressure of being a Major League star playing in Los Angeles, just a moment that Mexican Julio Urías is living, who is the leader of victories not only for the team but also in the Major Leagues.
Kershaw has twice finished the season with more than 20 games won, he has three Cy Young titles, he won the Triple Crown in 2011, a situation that has put him under very special pressure, and knowing the meaning of that, he knows what he is doing. passing Urías, with whom he has worked many times being someone he knows well.
“Julio has known how to do things in this organization. He is always willing to listen to advice, there are even times when he comes to ask by himself and it is an honor for me to share a team with him and to be able to teach him how little or how much I know. I am very pleased with everything he is experiencing and that he is a great reference in the team, especially for being Mexican, “he exclaimed.
Lastly, Kershaw commented on the Hispanic heritage in Los Angeles and the importance of Latino Dodgers fans.
“I have always thought that the Dodgers is a completely Hispanic team. It’s amazing to see the amount of Latino people who come to the stadium at all of our home games, especially the Mexican people. I have a great affection for them and all my teammates too, that’s why we are “The Dodgers”, he concluded. (Seventh entry)

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