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Kevin Durant: “I was brutally afraid of Kobe Bryant”

Kevin Durant: “I was brutally afraid of Kobe Bryant”

NBA star Kevin Durant told an interesting story of former Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant.

The “killer instinct” is one of the things that separates the stars from the superstars in the NBA.

Not just acting when it matters most and when there is the most pressure, but not being afraid to make decisions.

Accepting the challenge in the final minutes has been no better for anyone than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

As soon as the deciding time started, you wouldn’t want to be the player defending one of the two.

Kobe’s mindset even haunted other superstars and scared them. Among them, Kevin Durant.

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During a recent appearance on The Corp podcast, hosted by Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports’ Big Cat,

Durant said Kobe was the clutchiest player he had ever faced in his career. Furthermore, he was sometimes very scared.

“Kobe. He was scared, less of Kobe at the end of the games. ” said the forward of the Brooklyn Nets team.

Kobe Bryant was one of the best scorers in the NBA, but he still was when the crucial moments came in games, perhaps that is why he was so successful as a player. (GG) (Fielding)

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