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Kim Clijsters announces return to tennis at 36

Kim Clijsters announces return to tennis at 36
Belgian Kim Clijsters, who became the best tennis player in the world in 2003, has announced at the age of 36 that she is returning to the professional tennis circuit, which she left in 2007 to have a child and again in 2012, in what seemed like her final goodbye.

“What I want for my life? For seven years I have been a full-time mother and I really love it. But I also liked being a professional player. And I miss that feeling. What happens if I try to do both? “Said the former tennis player in a video posted on her Twitter account.

The tennis player, winner of four Grand Slam singles between 2005 and 2011, said that she will return to the professional circuit in 2020.

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Speaking to the WTA, the player said that, in the same way that she has friends who at 50 years of age enjoy running marathons, she likes to continue playing tennis.

“I don’t feel like I have to prove anything, but I want to test myself and I want to be strong again. This is my marathon, “added Clijsters, who assured that” the love for this sport is obviously still there. “

After a first retirement in 2007 with a Grand Slam in her record because she wanted to start a family, Clijsters, born in 1983 in the Flemish town of Bilzen, in northwestern Belgium, returned to the circuits two years later and won two more “great », Before what seemed like his final goodbye in 2012.

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She withdrew from the circuit after finishing the United States Open that year and shortly after organized an exhibition match in Antwerp to say goodbye live to the 15,000 fans who came to see her.

His record includes three victories at the United States Open (2005, 2009 and 2010), one at the Australian Open (2011) and two Ronald Garros finals (2001 and 2003), in addition to having reached number one in the ranking. from the WTA in August 2003, allowing him to be invited to professional tournaments (wild card) for life.

He also achieved a victory in the Federation Cup in 2001 with Justine Henin, another great French tennis player who retired young and twice from the courts, first in 2008 and definitively in 2011, at the age of 28.

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Clijsters was also proclaimed champion of doubles won Wimbledon and Roland Garros with the Japanese Ai Sugiyama.

WTA President Steve Simon said Clijsters is among the best in women’s tennis history, making her return to the court “exciting news for the WTA family and for tennis fans all over the world. the world”. EFE

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