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Knicks close their facilities due to Covid-19

Knicks close their facilities due to Covid-19

The situation for the New York Knicks is complicated seven days before the draft ceremony arrives. As reported by the franchise itself through an official statement, they have proceeded to close their facilities once the positive for coronavirus of three employees has been detected in a routine examination.

Regarding their health, the New York organization clarifies that they are asymptomatic cases and that all of them are in quarantine; Of course, they do not know when they will be able to proceed with the reopening of the MSG Training Center, which will be determined by how long it takes to thoroughly clean the facilities.

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This news can be a kind of warning for the NBA. The development of the Orlando bubble was unbeatable, but of course it was a closed environment that inspired extreme security. Looking ahead to the 2020-21 campaign that begins in a month and a half, each team will play on their court and therefore will be exposed to external factors that will be increased with the various trips they will have to undertake throughout the country.

Once the agreement between the NBA and the Players Union is closed, we know all the key dates of the new season. One of them is on December 1, the day that the teams will start with the training camps. If the situation that the Knicks are experiencing now were to be repeated with other teams at a date closer to the start of training, this could become a real problem for the League, which knows that they await a few dizzying weeks until the event takes place. first jump start on December 22. (GG) (

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