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Kobe Bryant, the player who scored 40 points or more for all NBA teams

Kobe Bryant, the player who scored 40 points or more for all NBA teams

In the NBA’s scoring era where the points rain in heaps, it is common to see the great stars exceed 40 units per game, but reaching at least this score against all teams is a record that only one player has in history. and it is neither Michael Jodan, nor LeBron James.
It’s about Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. With a deadly scoring ability, ‘La Mamba Negra’ won five NBA titles in seven Finals with two scoring titles (2006 and 2007) included. They gave him the ball and what he was thinking about was scoring and scoring.
Bryant confessed that he tried to imitate Michael Jordan perfectly and when he felt his hand warm, as well as ‘Air’, it was not from passing the ball to his teammates but from trying as many shots. Kobe achieved a unique record that seems impossible to break.
A sample of the scoring machine that Kobe Bryant was is the performance of January 22, 2006 in the game Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors. With 28 of 46 accurate shots, ‘The Black Mamba’ registered the second highest performance in NBA history in terms of points with 81 points.

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Kobe Bryant’s best scores against all NBA teams
Rival Position Points

1 Toronto Raptors 81
2 Portland Trail Blazers 65
3 Dallas Mavericks 62
4 New York Knicks 61
5 Utah Jazz 60
6 Memphis Grizzlies 60
7 Charlotte Hornets 58
8 Washington Wizards 55
9 Houston Rockets 53
10 Denver Nuggets 51
11 Golden State Warriors 51
12 Phoenix Suns 51
13 Sacramento Kings 51
14 New Orleans Pelicans 50
15 Minnesota Timberwolves 50
16 Los Angeles Clippers 50
17 Oklahoma City Thunder 50
18 Philadelphia 76ers 48
19 Cleveland Cavaliers 47
20 Brooklyn Nets 46
21 Indiana Pacers 45
22 San Antonio Spurs 45
23 Boston Celtics 43
24 Milwaukee Bucks 43
25 Chicago Bulls 43
26 Miami Heat 42
27 Atlanta Hawks 41
28 Orlando Magic 41
29 Detroit Pistons 40

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