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«Kun» Agüero leaves Barcelona due to heart problem

«Kun» Agüero leaves Barcelona due to heart problem

Barcelona striker Sergio Agüero will not be able to play for at least three months after a series of heart tests.

Agüero “has undergone a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure,” so he will have to stay away from the fields, according to a medical report released by the club on Monday.

“It is low and during the next three months the effectiveness of the treatment will be evaluated to determine its recovery process,” the statement added.

Barcelona did not provide further details about the treatment to be followed by the 33-year-old Argentine. The “Kun” was hospitalized for a series of tests on his heart after feeling bad during the first half of the game that his team drew 1-1 on Saturday against Alavés for the Spanish League.

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Agüero, in his first season with the Catalan team after arriving from Manchester City, missed several games at the beginning of the season due to another injury.

He totaled five appearances with the club, being a starter in the last two games. Agüero’s only goal as a Barça player was in the throes of a 2-1 defeat in the clasico against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou last month.

Barcelona have been on the loose in their first season without Lionel Messi in nearly two decades. He has not won three games in all competitions. His next commitment will be on Tuesday when he visits Dynamo Kiev for the group stage of the Champions League.

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Nor will they be able to count on the historic defender Gerard Piqué due to an elongation in the soleus of his right leg. AP (HN)

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