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Kvyat: “Motor racing continues to be one of the sports in which courage is most important”

There are many reasons for Formula 1 to decline. Fish rots on the head. Bernie Ecclestone is far too old to encompass the new media era. And Jean Todt, president of the FIA, lacks the strength to impose himself, ”Weber explained.
Perhaps encouraged by the dialectical battle between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel over ‘radio’ at the 2014 British Grand Prix, Weber also lashed out at the current generation of drivers: “Who wants to see today’s weaklings complain on the radio? There are no more Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna or Jacques Villeneuve. They would not have complained on the radio, they would have given answers on the track ».
Finally, Weber charged against today’s cars: “Not only are cars ugly, you can’t even hear them. Children prefer to create their own world on the game console.
Daniil Kvyat defends the pilots of the Great Circus
Daniil Kvyat, titular driver of the Toro Rosso team, has responded to Willi Weber highlighting the great courage that the drivers of the current F1 grid have: «In my opinion, motorsport continues to be one of the sports in which courage has more relevance. I don’t like it to be said that today’s pilots are no longer men of risk, that if compared to the pilots of the 80’s we are not real men. That’s asshole **** ».
Despite the fact that no Formula 1 driver has died on the tracks since 1994, Daniil Kvyat has remarked that F1 will never be a 100% safe sport: against the wall, even if there is a hundred meters of asphalt in the loophole. Formula 1 risk cannot be erased. It is right, therefore, that we do everything possible to improve the safety standards of the tracks and cars. ‘

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