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Kyrgios, on shooting Nadal’s body: “I don’t have to apologize”

Kyrgios, on shooting Nadal’s body: “I don’t have to apologize”

Australian Nick Kyrgios questioned at a press conference why he had to apologize to Rafael Nadal when throwing a ball to the body during his second-round match.

At one point in the match, in a climb to the Spanish net, Kyrgios threw a ball into the body of the Balearic, he put the racket as he could, lost the point and waited for the Australian’s apology, which did not arrive.

Why should I apologize? Did I hit him? He hit him with the racket I won the point. I do not mind. I don’t have to apologize, “explained Kyrgios, who lost to Nadal in four sets against Nadal on Thursday.

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About the Spaniard, he said ironically, that the time taken between the points “is very little” and that Nadal’s best quality is that he disputes each point and never gives one up for lost.

Kyrgios was also critical of himself and assured that despite not being the most professional in the world, he is capable of competing against the best.

«I don’t have a coach. I don’t train enough. I don’t go to the gym enough, but I go out there and compete against the best in the world, “he said.

In addition, before the statements of Nadal, who said that he could potentially be a Grand Slam winner, Kyrgios pointed out that he has a lot “to improve to reach that level” and that he does not believe that at this time he can choose it. EFE

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