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Lakers coach blames Anthony Davis injury on NBA

Lakers coach blames Anthony Davis injury on NBA

Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel set fire to the NBA amid Anthony Davis’ injury woes.

With Los Angeles’ big man star poised to miss the next few weeks due to a calf problem, coach Vogel recently admitted that the extremely condensed offseason may have played a key role in what has been an injury-plagued campaign. for Anthony Davis so far.

“Certainly it is on the back of the Lakers, that with a break of only 71 days, Anthony Davis was more vulnerable to injury,” said the Lakers coach.

The Lakers, along with the Miami Heat whom they faced in the NBA Finals in October, had the shortest offseason of any NBA team. Game 6 of the Finals series took place on October 11, while the 2020-21 campaign began on December 22, giving the defending champions just 71 days off.

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However, as we all know, we are living in unprecedented times. The extended hiatus during the 2019-20 season was triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, and this was what ultimately led to a shorter offseason for the Lakers. However, Vogel is clearly still ruling out the lack of a proper offseason break on his team. (GG) (Fielding)

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