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Lakers player let go of 80 million dollars to sign with the champion

Lakers player let go of 80 million dollars to sign with the champion

Montrezl Dashay Harrell got a chance to become a billionaire when the Charlotte Hornets offered him an $ 80 million contract this winter after spending two seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers.

To the surprise of the Bumblebees, Harrell reversed that deal all by going to play with champion Los Angeles Lakers for just $ 19 million and two seasons.

There is no explanation why Montrezl refused to go to the Hornets in the Eastern Conference (Southeast Division).

Instead, he will continue in the Western Conference, on the same court at Staples Center, but with another team: the Lakers – the Clippers also play on that stage.

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Harrell wanted to play alongside LeBron James and other stars that accompany him and now he is looking for the two-time NBA championship.

It will be the third club in the career of this player who performs both as a Center and a Power Forward with his 2.01 meters of height and 108 kilos of weight.

The sixth best man in the NBA last season, he was an unrestricted free agent and the Monarchs stole from his neighboring Clippers.

He will now play for Frank Vogel, Lakers Head Coach. So it was for the native of Tarboro, North Carolina.

Harrell’s pilgrimage through the NBA began in 2015 with the Houston Rockets and since 2017 he was in Los Angeles, in that case with the Clippers.

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Although it is not very tall like other imposing poles, Montrezl’s primary position is 5, which is Center.

Harrell will take the place that Dwight Howard left off, as the Superman moved to the Philadelphia Sixers.

Harrell’s last campaign was masterful – he became the best sixth man in the NBA, giving his team a boost like no other player in the league.

His 18.6 points and 7.1 rebounds are clear proof of this.

The Los Angeles Lakers can smile, as they took a great piece from the Clippers, in addition to adding a player of category. (GG) (Al Bat)

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