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Lamar Odom returned to the adventures with drugs and strippers

Lamar Odom returned to the adventures with drugs and strippers

Lamar Odom, a former player for the Clippers, Lakers and Mavericks, among others, was photographed together with a group of strippers at a nightclub in Queens, New York.

Wrapped in a life of excess, the former basketball player was hospitalized for an overdose at the end of 2015 after being found unconscious on the floor of a brothel.

The images exposed the former NBA star. Surrounded by half-naked women, he spent the night inside the nightclub where he received massages and “attention”, according to some sources.

Dressed in a baggy T-shirt and faded jeans, the 36-year-old American was again photographed leaving the bar with a friend and two women.

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Khloe Kardashian, his ex-wife, fears for the athlete’s life and said he felt responsible for the situation: “Nothing can be done if the person is not willing to take control of his life and get help,” he lamented.

In the same week, the former athlete of more than two meters was discovered smoking marijuana when leaving an apartment. “Anyone who was close to him could smell it. He wasn’t trying to hide it at all,” a witness said.

In addition, local media revealed that the former player’s house was in chaos. They found several crack pipes and drug remnants in an environment where cockroaches predominated.

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Lamar Odom retired in mid-2014 and was found unconscious a year later in a Nevada brothel. The effects of drugs, sexual stimulants and alcohol caused an overdose that led to hospitalization.

The former athlete had several months of recovery after going through a coma and physical therapy in order to learn to walk and talk again. (Infobae)

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