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LeBron: “I don’t think I’ll ever go back to 100 percent in my career”

LeBron: “I don’t think I’ll ever go back to 100 percent in my career”

The NBA world was paralyzed for an instant because the news warranted it: LeBron James was returning to the Los Angeles Lakers after 20 games with a high sprain to his right ankle. ‘The King’ did not have a good time, but it was normal because he had never had such a long disability.

In LeBron’s return to the NBA courts, the Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings by 110 to 106 and once the game ended on Friday, April 30, the most anticipated word was that of ‘King’. James began to reveal that his ankle injury was more than just a sprain.

During the game between Lakers and Kings, LeBron felt tension in his ankle and of course, it was normal, because since that Saturday, March 20, it was the first time he had made movements again from a professional basketball contest in the NBA.

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“It has been an emergency to return since I was injured. You cannot imagine the minutes and hours per day that I had treatment and it was much more than I slept. Since the last six weeks it is what I have been doing because I had the urge to play again, “said LeBron and the hardest was yet to come.

LeBron James’ confession about the severity of his injury at the Lakers

“Going back to 100 percent is impossible. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to 100 percent in my career, but I feel comfortable knowing that I can get back on the pitch to help my team win (…) It was horrible for me, I was stressed like I never had been before ” , confessed LeBron James about the injury he had with the Los Angeles Lakers. (GG) (Bolavip)

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