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LeBron James broke Coronavirus protocols, but NBA won’t punish him

LeBron James broke Coronavirus protocols, but NBA won’t punish him

In the early hours of Saturday the alarms went off throughout the National Basketball Association (NBA), after it was announced that the star LeBron James had violated the sanitary protocol to combat the Coronavirus, running the risk of missing the Playoffs.

The event occurred last Wednesday, in the pregame where the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center in the qualifying Play-In, where the King attended a photo session with actor Michael B. Jordan and the Canadian rapper Drake.

It should be noted that the NBA sanctions those players who have broken these sanitary regulations, with their absence from a certain number of games, as happened this week with Caris LeVert in the Indiana Pacers; but it seems that LeBron is untouchable for the competition.

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The NBA’s decision after breaking sanitary protocols

The concrete thing is that as soon as this event happened, prior to Wednesday’s game, the organization notified the gold and purple franchise that James had violated health protocols by attending this famous event for his tequila brand, fearing the worst.

However, from the NBA they were ahead of the game, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, from the ESPN network, LeBron will not be punished for the Playoffs, since in the league’s opinion “the nature of the event did not rise to a level of threat of virus spread ”.

Is the NBA favoring LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers?

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In this way, there are not a few who begin to suspect the privileges that the King has from the competition, since they did not proceed in the same way with other similar cases that occurred throughout the regular season. Disguise, finally. (GG) (Bolavip)

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