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LeBron James expects Kyle Kuzma to make a big leap this season

LeBron James expects Kyle Kuzma to make a big leap this season

With the ring won by the Lakers last summer, a large number of role players appreciated and showed that they have a place in the League. This is the case of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Rajon Rondo or Dwight Howard among others. However, there were also key pieces of the squad that were highly questioned in the final phase of the championship. Danny Green or Kyle Kuzma are the clearest examples, although for the Los Angeles organization it is clear that the second of them worries more. The former Raptors have already been transferred, while he has much more future projection in the franchise.

The Michigan power forward showed his shortcomings in the last bubble and this season starts with the need to claim. In the defensive aspect he was exposed as a much less versatile player than he may seem and with little fundamentals. Some problems reflected in collective and individual defenses, against the ball and offball. In addition, in attack, it was also seen how inconsistent it can be, which made it lose relevance in Frank Vogel’s system.

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In these moments in which the figure of Kuzma no longer leaves anyone indifferent, LeBron James decided to break a spear in favor of the 25-year-old. The Hoop Central medium asked his Twitter followers to name the player they believe will make a “great leap” next season, to which The Chosen One replied from his personal account: “Kyle Kuzma!”, Making public his support for a teammate who is not going through a good sporting moment and who has invested this offseason to practice his outside shot.

Whoever was selected in the 2017 draft by the Lakers will face what will probably be one of the most important seasons of his career. Since after these doubts he has to face his last year of contract and surely he wants to go out on the market in search of a large economic amount. For that, he will have to sign a great year and show that he deserves it, a very common fact in this type of situation. In the NBA there is an unwritten rule that dictates that the best seasons of its players are in one year expiring.

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On the other hand, you will also want to make the Lakers see that you are an essential player in your near future. Kuzma wants to stay in Los Angeles and hopes his franchise will offer him more than just qualified. Currently, he is the longest-serving player on the squad and despite the fact that he could have left in different transfers, fate or the front office have not wanted it that way. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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