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LeBron James, first to cross the 400 million barrier

LeBron James, first to cross the 400 million barrier

Quality + earliness + longevity and you will have the reason for the result. Neither that reduction to which he had to access in 2014 for the Heat to reunite one of the most feared (and criticized) Big Three’s in history, nor the bloody losses expected for the next few years as a result of the pandemic, have been a sufficient obstacle to prevent what will take place two seasons from now, when his last contract renewal concludes: the 2-year, $ 85 million contract he just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

So far, The Chosen (a huge nickname that never overshadowed James) has accumulated an NBA salary income of 343 million in 18 seasons. By adding those 85, LeBron James will add a total of 428 million, automatically becoming the first basketball player in history to surpass the 400 border.

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Unstoppable trend: first of many
Inflation, television rights, savage capitalism … there is no shortage of arguments to explain this figure and even strip it of a certain value, something almost necessary to understand why LeBron (for many, already, top-3 or even top-2 in history ) will have earned more than four times the money that Jordan accumulated in contracts until the moment of his retirement (who left the mark at 93.7M).

In fact, Jordan is not even among the 100 highest earning players of all time, and with the passage of the years and the nonsense that is paid lately, it is not risky to say that in a decade he may already be out of the top-1000. .

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For now, who occupies that 25th position is a good acquaintance of ours: Pau Gasol. And from Spanish to number 1, we review the current members of this financial elite, following the Spotrac ranking projected (due to the latest renovations) until 2023.

Earnings in dollars (2023)

1st LeBron James 429.519.302
2nd Kevin Durant 350.101.596
3rd Chris Paul 344,120,565
4th Russell Westbrook 335.645.148
5th Kevin Garnett 334.304.240
6th Kobe Bryant 323.312.307
7th James Harden 316,027,334
8th Shaquille O’Neal 286,344,668
9th Damian Lillard 279,348,669
10th John Wall 276,504,708
11th Gordon Hayward 268,384,749
12th Klay Thompson 266.164.224
13th Al Horford 265,636,768
14th Blake Griffin 265,441,795
15th Kevin Love 264,204,264
16th Carmelo Anthony 259,881,402
17th Stephen Curry 254,736,348
18th Dirk Nowitzki 251.646.362
19º Tobias Harris 248.503.505
20th Dwight Howard 242,500,792
21st Tim Duncan 242,024,800
22nd Chris Bosh 239,063,622
23rd Khris Middleton 234,765,004
24th Kyrie Irving 229,714,349
25º Pau Gasol 220,990,766

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That of these 25 players, 19 are still active and several of them (Lillard, Irving, Westbrook, Hayward …) are still far from the twilight of their careers, is a clear clue to how volatile this list is, which is going to be constantly renewed with other players from generations to come, unless the bubble will one day burst. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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