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LeBron James is interested in acquiring a WNBA franchise

LeBron James is interested in acquiring a WNBA franchise

Both LeBron James and the WNBA have long been leaders in calls for social justice.

Activity that has increased since George Floyd died after a confusing episode with the Minnesota police.

Somewhat peculiar is the situation of the Atlanta Dream of the women’s basketball league. Since one of its owners is Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, who has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter, and has repeatedly called for the depoliticization of professional sports.

For several days, Loeffler has been embroiled in a controversy, with players and managers asking her to sell her part of the team. She has refused to do so, prompting only reaction from the NBA and WNBA world to campaign against her.

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Several players have been wearing T-shirts with the legend “Vote Warnock”, in reference to Raphael Warnock, an opponent in the Senate elections and who finally took the seat of Loeffler.

The WNBA players appear to have been successful in removing Loeffler from office, but her presence as a franchisee remains a source of conflict.

That is where LeBron James appears, since via Twitter he has offered to form a group of owners who can buy the team.

Loeffler is under no obligation to sell his stake in the team, no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be.

And it remains to be seen if it is willing to give in to the political pressure it is receiving. James has campaigned on behalf of several Democratic candidates during his career, and in recent years has come out as an opponent of President Donald Trump, with whom Loeffler has aligned himself politically.

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LeBron’s presence as a franchise owner would be a great relief to the WNBA, which shares his ideology. But in addition, with the arrival of a business personality like the King’s, it would eliminate a controversial owner and provide additional publicity to a league that has gained popularity in recent years.

Whether he will actually be able to buy the team remains to be seen, but showing his interest publicly will only put more pressure on Loeffler. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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