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LeBron James’ message about his duet with Russell Westbrook at LA Lakers

LeBron James’ message about his duet with Russell Westbrook at LA Lakers

Something that usually happens in any league or sport in the world is criticism of the best players.

At the National Baskteball Association (NBA), things are no different.

The face of the competition has been LeBron James for the past 15 years and it shows in his detractors.

The Los Angeles Lakers player is aware of his haters and sometimes responds categorically to them, and he did so on a new occasion, this time to defend his friend and new teammate, Russell Westbrook. And to the relationship between the two on the court.

Westbrook arrived this summer from the Washington Wizards to the Lakers with the goal of landing his first NBA ring. In addition, the Los Angeles team brought in Carmelo Anthony, another friend of LBJ to reinforce a loaded and veteran squad.

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Now, as always, with the arrival of Russ, there are people who doubt whether the MVP point guard of the 2017 season will be able to work alongside King James on the court since their playing styles are shocking and similar. But LeBron has the answer.

LeBron James responds to his haters about his relationship with Russell Westbrook

Thus, the Akron, Ohio-born, went to Instagram where he published a series of photos with the Westbrook where they are seen working and training. I work with the Brodie! I agree, this is not going to work, ”says James next to an emoji of a cap, which means that he is lying, that is, his comment is ironic and he does think it will work, and he shows it with this post. He ends with a compliment to his new partner. “You are different, by the way.” (Bolavip)

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