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LeBron James wore number 23 on the Lakers out of admiration for Michael Jordan

LeBron James wore number 23 on the Lakers out of admiration for Michael Jordan

LeBron James knows that the 2020-21 season was not one more for his career, since for the first time in the 18 years he has been in the NBA, he was eliminated in the first round of the Playoffs. So the background changes began and, as usual, Michael Jordan was related.

After three seasons with number 23 in the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron decided to switch to number 6 for a cinematic reason. Then, curious as always, Bolvaip wanted to know why James has worn the legendary Jordan numbering for most of his NBA career.

Although the answer seems to come out of an NBA fantasy tale, LeBron James himself was in charge of confirming why one of the two numbers that he has carried in the league is 23. And the statements are to be surprised due to the admiration he expressed the Lakers star by Jordan.

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“I use the 23rd for the great Michael Jordan, who is here in Charlotte. When I started playing basketball I said, that 2-3 looks good. I would like to be able to fly like him ”, revealed LeBron at the time to explain why he used the number that most identifies the Chicago Bulls legend.

LeBron James praises Michael Jordan for wearing number 23

With the new number, ‘6’, that LeBron James will wear at the Los Angeles Lakers, it will never be a bad time to remember that when ‘The King’ wore jersey # 23 he evoked the unforgettable Michael Jordan. “I always thought of being able to shoot like him, stick the ball, stick out my tongue and do to someone what MJ did,” Bron said. (GG) (Bolavip)

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