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LeBron James would not have been vaccinated against the coronavirus

LeBron James would not have been vaccinated against the coronavirus

Not even the most stubborn hater would have predicted the bad luck that the Los Angeles Lakers are experiencing. The two top stars of the team, Lebron James and Anthony Davis, suffered prolonged absences, the third star, Dennis Schröder, will return to coronavirus protocols and, as if that were not enough, they are close to the Play-In positions.

Everything seems to indicate that the gods of the NBA do not want the Lakers to repeat the championship … In the midst of this storm that the Los Angeles team is going through, a revelation from Schröder was known about which are the franchise players who have not yet received the vaccine against coronavirus.

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The German base gave him an N-TV interview a few days ago and as if he knew the future, he predicted how bad it would be if he re-entered the NBA’s coronavirus protocols. Said and done, Dennis will be out of court for 10-14 days and the same could happen with LeBron James.

“Vaccinating is difficult for me (…) I think LeBron James is not vaccinated and neither am I (…) I am someone who does not like to take painkillers. I always try to do without them to get along with everything (…) Quarantine? I can’t do that again. If that happened now, I would skip a series entirely. I couldn’t deal with that, ”Dennis Schröder confessed.

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LeBron James spoke about the covid-19 vaccine

In the midst of the difficult situation that the United States experienced with the coronavirus pandemic, LeBron James was asked if he would get the covid-19 vaccine and due to the response of the Los Angeles Lakers star, he left his decision in the air without any certainty. (GG) (Bolavip)

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