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Let the Nadal vs. Federer vs. Djokovic

Let the Nadal vs.  Federer vs.  Djokovic

Now that the 2020 Grand Slam season is over, and Rafael Nadal tied Roger Federer with 20 championships, the most among men in tennis history, chased by Novak Djokovic with 17, some would be tempted to reignite the debate over who. is the “best of all time”

The truth is that it is best to allow the discussion to continue.

Reaching consensus is absurd – especially now, when The Big Three are still active – and unnecessary.

Why insist on selecting one when all three should be valued, admired and honored?

Two weeks before Nadal swept Djokovic 6-0, 6-2, 7-5 on Sunday to claim his 13th title at the French Open and overtake Federer in the all-time rankings, Serena Williams answered a question about the significance. of that achievement.

Williams has 23 singles titles, the most in the professional era, and second to 24 for Margaret Court, the all-time record holder.

“You cannot compare two individuals with the same level of greatness. Roger – we are talking about Roger Federer. I think that’s plenty. The truth is that I do not understand why there are people who go out to say: ‘Who is this? Who is the other?’. They have both had spectacular careers that 99% of people could only dream of…. “Every achievement and everything they achieve, they absolutely deserve it,” Williams said. “I’m a fan of both, to be frank.”

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There’s nothing wrong.

Also, do not lean towards someone in particular for encouragement. That’s what being an amateur is all about.

Whoever backs Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will have excellent arguments.

“I’m someone who prefers numbers,” said Ivan Lendl, a 1984-90 big-eight champion. “For me, the one who finishes with the most ‘majors’ will be seen as the best in history. Who is it now? …. That remains to be seen.

Nadal reached 20, with at least one on every date and at least one in three decades; his 13 at Roland Garros exceed anyone in a specific tournament. He surpasses Federer 24-16 in direct duel and Djokovic 5-4 in Grand Slam finals.

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Federer also has 20 and the complete collection. He is the owner of the record for the most weeks as number 1 in the rankings. His totals for tour titles (103) and wins (1,242) are above the group.

Djokovic’s 17 Grand Slam titles leave him as the other with more than 14. He has also been crowned in the four great events and, like Nadal, at least one in three decades. He leads in direct duels against Nadal (29-27) and Federer (27-23). He has won the most Masters 1000 tournaments, at least twice in each, while the others can’t boast one in every tournament in that category, and he is hot on Federer’s heels in terms of weeks at No. 1.

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Their skills, styles and personalities offer a different trait for everyone.

“It is different to play against Djokovic, Federer, Rafa,” commented the brand new Argentine Top 10 Diego Schwartzman. “With them it is not easy to play five sets because you have to play the best tennis for maybe three, four or five hours.”

Federer’s serve and play at the net stands out; performing better on Wimbledon turf.

Nadal’s left-handed forehand and his ability to cover the entire court; king of paris clay.

The return and reverse are the cover letters; dominant on the fast courts of the Australian Open.

“Those three have shown throughout their careers that they are great champions, no matter the conditions, the environment, whatever,” said Marin Cilic, the 2014 US Open champion. “They are capable of responding to anything and everything. overcome adversity, which is the great virtue of champions ”. AP (HN)

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