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Lewis Hamilton five-time Formula 1 world champion

Lewis Hamilton five-time Formula 1 world champion

Creator of clothing for the Tommy Hilfiger brand, his name appears on the latest album by singer Christina Aguilera and he is also a five-time Formula 1 world champion: Lewis Hamilton sets trends on asphalt, but also off it for his eclecticism.

Often described as a “pop star,” the 33-year-old Briton equaled Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio’s five world titles at the Mexican Grand Prix and now only has German Michael Schumacher ahead of him, who got out of the car for good. seven.

The conquest of this new crown, the fourth with Mercedes since 2014, has been marked by his forays into the universe of music and fashion, which have regularly disturbed the press, wondering if they would not prevent him from succeeding at the wheel, instead of consider them as keys to your success.

“Satisfying my creativity stimulates me. It is healthy to discover other things that you are gifted with and to be able to immerse yourself in them. In my spare time, I try to explore, since at the same time you learn, you stimulate your spirit, “acknowledged Hamilton in an interview with AFP during the Russian Grand Prix.

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«I have always been like this, but I did not dare to go any further, since for my father there was nothing other than racing. When you are young, every day you have only one goal: to get to F1. When you are, you have had positive results and you have taken root, you can explore other things, “he said, with a diamond earring on his nose and a gold chain around his neck.

– “Counterflow” –

“I don’t know if I could have been who I am now at the beginning of my career. Today a young man could probably be one because I have shown that it is possible to be different. But, when I arrived, my difference was disapproved, “he added.

It is precisely that which has driven Hamilton in recent times: his desire to “enter history” regardless of his humble origins, his skin color and the conventions that govern the small world of Formula 1.

I’ve always been someone who goes against the tide. People who think that I have to be and express myself in a certain way have always upset me. ‘A pilot must be like this or like that because he has always been that way’, I hate that! ”Declared the Englishman.

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«I want to encourage young people to be the best version of themselves. I think that in a certain way we are all unicorns, since we are all unique.

After appearances in the video game “Call of Duty” and the blockbuster movies “Cars 3” and “Zoolander 2”, Hamilton would have made his debut in the world of music this year with a collaboration with Aguilera on his song “Pipe”, something that still has not been confirmed. But his name appears in the album credits.

In addition, between two Grand Prizes, he also promoted his collection for Tommy Hilfiger.

– “Be the best” –

«I listen to a lot of music, old and new, of very different genres. There are melodies, tones and colors that inspire me. For fashion, I am inspired by creators that I appreciate, but understanding trends is not easy. My first steps were accompanied by successes. How to build on it? Doing all those things trying to be the best Formula 1 driver is really difficult! ”, He launched with a great laugh, without hiding his ambition and self-confidence.

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For those who worry or reproach him that he is always scattered, the five-time world champion uses his experience, with 12 seasons in Formula 1 behind him, and his results, with 71 victories, 131 podiums and 80 pole positions.

“I manage my itinerary in detail and I rarely make mistakes. It is a question of balance. In general, I like to be busy and there are so many things I want to do that I often have the impression that I lack time, “he said.

The Brit often mentions his future retirement when his contract with Mercedes ends, at the end of 2020, if the changes in the regulations do not convince him, although he could say goodbye later if they seduce him.

By then, at this rate, Hamilton could match Schumacher in world titles and break the German’s record for wins (91) and podiums (155). AFP

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