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Lionel Messi’s debut in PSG broke audience records in Spain

Lionel Messi’s debut in PSG broke audience records in Spain

They were long days of waiting, but finally Lionel Messi made his debut for PSG after his historic departure from Barcelona to Ligue 1. The Argentine entered with 25 minutes remaining, replacing Neymar, in the 2-0 victory of his new team against Reims .
The meeting was actively lived on social networks in all corners of the world. The image of La Pulga with the shirt of a club other than Barça was striking, but it also delighted all its fans with this new stage in the French giant.
Days before the match, Kosmos, Gerard Piqué’s company, bought the rights to the Ligue 1 matches to be able to broadcast them in Spain and did so from the hand of Ibai Llanos, on his popular Twitch channel. In addition to this platform, the meeting was shown on the Telecinco television channel for the Iberian country.
The duel that featured Messi’s first minutes in the French league broke all competition records in terms of audience in Spain. Between both channels, more than 6.7 million viewers saw the victory of Mauricio Pochettino’s team live.
As detailed by Marca, it was the traditional medium that took the advantage in terms of audience, with 2.2 million viewers on average. On the Ibai channel, on the other hand, there were 343 thousand average viewers, with a total of 2 million unique visitors. (Bolavip)

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