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Lions 1 are undefeated leaders of the «Arlo Santos» Tournament

Lions 1 are undefeated leaders of the «Arlo Santos» Tournament

The neighborhood and neighborhood basketball tournament “Arlo Santos” that takes place in the historic La Leona court, continued last weekend with several games, where early on Saturday, the Owls of Villanueva lost 32-39 against to OKC. The best scorer of the match was Luis Baca de los Búhos with 23 points, while in the second hour, Pedregal crushed La Cabaña 45-15, with Fabricio Baiza being the best scorer with 14 points.

In Sunday’s activity, Búhos de Villanueva beat Pistones de La Leona 28-25, with Robinson Lezama being the top scorer of those defeated with eight points, while in the second game, Leones 1 beat Vencedores de Suyapa 65-39 with 18 points from Anthony Pérez.

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In the third game, OKC defeated La Cabaña 33-26, leading scorer Rodolfo Martínez with 10 points, while La Leona 1 humiliated La Cabaña 69-33, with a great performance from Carlos Martínez who contributed 14 points. In the fifth game Pedregal beat Leones 2 45-40, Francisco Baiza scored 20 points and in the main game, Prados beat Obelisco 48-30, with Mario Álvarez being the top scorer with 15 points.

To date, Leones 1 are the undefeated leaders of the tournament with 12 points, but Barrio Abajo follows also without losing and ten points. Pedregal added 10 points but with one defeat, while with eight are Leones 2 and Acorazados, Team Prados, Vencedores and Villanueva with seven points. They continue, Obelisco and Pistons with six and close with five Downed and Battleships.

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Among the top scorers are: Ramsés López de Pedregal (76), Alex Alfaro de Barrio Abajo and Anthony Pérez de Vencedores de Suyapa (69), Franklin “La Bala” Jackson de leones 2 (64), Guillermo Chang de Tumbados (45 ) and Fabricio Baiza de Pedregal (44).

The leader in third-dimensional baskets (triples) the leader is Edmer Flores from Team Prados (9), Leonardo Amador from Obelisco and Ramsés López de Pedregal (4) and Alex Alfaro from Barrio Abajo (3). (GG)

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