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Little Stephanie Martinez dreams of being world boxing champion

Little Stephanie Martinez dreams of being world boxing champion

Little boxer Stephanie Martínez Marczak is not yet 12 years old and has already defined her goals in life, one of which is to be a champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC).
Called «La Niña de Oro», who is just in the sixth year of primary school, she stopped playing with dolls or does so very recently, she prefers to put on gloves and enjoys the sound of any impact on sacks or rivals much more than that of a toy .
“I see myself as an Olympic boxer, a WBC world champion, as an Olympian representing my country,” she said in an interview with Notimex from the “Club Condesa Box” in Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico.
On television he saw a boxer and immediately visualized himself on top of a ring and the announcer saying his name and that he is a world champion, “I want to live that moment, I told myself that I want to be like them.”
Her love for the sport of fists forces her to follow a daily routine and to be practically busy all day, since going to school, housework and training are the daily bread, but she does it with pleasure.
“Arriving like, I do my homework from three in the afternoon and until six, if I have finished I help at home and then to the gym”, where she exercises and perfects her movements for 90 minutes, always accompanied by her father, Emmanuel Martinez.
Aware that boxing will not last forever, she has other aspirations outside the ring, and due to her love for animals she wants to be a veterinarian, sure that she will do well in school and good grades must be a constant.
The phrase “first school and then boxing” is present every day, even getting above nine in qualification is his passport to go to the gym, “if not”, and waiting to enter high school at the beginning of the next cycle, “it will be heavier, I guess.”
Winner of various youth tournaments, one of which was “Pink Fists 2016”, she revealed that among her hobbies or tastes is drawing, coloring and playing with her cousins, although sometimes it makes her want to grab their wrists and play.
But he does not hesitate to assert that he prefers boxing gloves, listening to “the sound of the blow, when you shoot an opponent, like when you hit him in the belly and it rings, that catches my attention.”
At her young age, her clothing looks as if it were professional and with the names of some brands, sponsors that have supported her for some years, but the phrase “Polska sila” stands out, in honor of her mother, a Polish national who he lives in the United States.
“It means Polish power, my mother is from Poland, she says that it is a very strong power”, which helps her to come out ahead in every fight, no matter that her mother does not like the idea of ​​her being a boxer, she tells me ‘ They are going to deform your face ‘, and I tell him that that’s why I have to train ».
“She is a girl with a lot of charisma, dedication, she has a great future in this difficult sport and has all the qualities to achieve her achievements,” says her coach Antonio Navarro, who guides her steps in the Mexican gym.
While he enjoys the interviews and follows the advice of his grandfather and his father, he also shares his short experience with adults and children, whom he asks to give their best if they want to be something in life.
«I tell parents that if their son likes a sport that they support him, because if they do not support them they will regret it later, and to the children who do support them that they want to, that they continue for a dream or success », He concluded.

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