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Loeb: “I have lost my last chance to win the Dakar”

Loeb: “I have lost my last chance to win the Dakar”
The French driver Sébastien Loeb said today that he has lost his last chance to win the Dakar after abandoning the current edition and announcing that, following the withdrawal of Peugeot from the competition, he intends to focus on other disciplines of the sport. motoring and not going back to the Dakar for the moment.
After driving the car to camp without being able to complete the day’s special, Loeb commented that his car fell into a hole that he did not see when he was trying to reach the top of a dune.
«It was very difficult because they were very soft dunes. We wanted to get to the top and I accelerated, but between where I was and the top there was a hole that I didn’t see. I was climbing up and suddenly the car went downhill. Daniel hurt himself, ”said Loeb, in front of his car, which arrived with a damaged front end.
The Frenchman, a nine-time world rally champion, regretted having to abandon the race just as the dune stages over the Peruvian desert ended, which in his opinion was by far the most difficult part.
Loeb commented that he had the potential to fight for victory in the stages through Bolivia and Argentina, on roads without much navigation, more conducive to his driving style.
The pilot commented that the three years that he has raced the Dakar with Peugeot “has been a great experience, with very good moments but also some bad ones.”
«It was good to discover this experience. It’s something completely different from what I’m used to doing, ”added Loeb, who hopes to run the odd rally shortly. EFE
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