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Lomanchenko defeats Marriaga by technical knockout and retains champion crown

Lomanchenko defeats Marriaga by technical knockout and retains champion crown

Ukrainian fighter Vasyl Lomachenko retained his World Organization junior lightweight (super featherweight) crown. Boxing (WBO) by beating Colombian Miguel Marriaga in the seventh round by way of a technical knockout.

The fight agreed to 12 rounds, which was held last night at the “Microsoft Theater”, in Los Angeles (California), was always dominated by Lomachenko who with greater scope and greater precision in his blows dominated a Marriaga from start to finish that he could never enter the champion’s guard.

The combat actions stopped when the Colombian’s team decided to end the fight at the end of the seventh episode.

Referee Jack Reiss stopped the fight at the request of Marriaga’s corner who saw that the Colombian fighter was receiving unnecessary punishment and without even the possibility of looking for a blow that would change the history of the fight.

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Marriaga’s team’s decision was due to the Colombian apparently winning only the first episode, but from then on the 29-year-old Ukrainian methodically punished the Colombian both to the body and to the head.

Lomachenko was given the opportunity to study Marriaga for the first two innings, but then he fought his way and for the remaining five laps he had no rest in punishing.

Marriaga could do little to escape from the punishment zone and he had no opportunity to coordinate a combat strategy, he only tried to get away from the blows that the Ukrainian fired.

Faced with an unremitting Lomachenko, Marriaga was in the ring just trying to survive.

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Marriaga tried to make a fight with great unfolding of his waist, showing elusive, to try to compensate the greater virtues of his opponent.

Even in the third round, Marriaga threw several powerful blows with both hands, but Lomanchenko took advantage of a powerful left to send him to the canvas.

Lomanchenko appears in the room with blood on his face after receiving an involuntary header from Marriaga and the referee stops the fight to examine the champion.

None of that changed the strategy of the champion who continued to place punches that seemed to be aimed more with the aim of impressing the judges and the fans, than to end the fight soon.

Lomachenko’s tactic was to endure the fight as far as possible to make the Colombian look bad and that was what he achieved until in the seventh inning he threw him back to the canvas.

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At the end of the uneven fight, Lomachenko left his mark at 9-1, with seven knockouts, and Marriaga (25-3, with 21 knockouts).

The statistics of the fight, according to Compubox, Lomanchenko threw 534 punches and landed 186 on the body and head of Marriaga, who was on the defensive all the time.

Lomachenko, who completed his third defense of the title, made good the predictions that gave him as a clear winner and consolidate himself as another fighter who seeks to reach Las Vegas with his fights. EFE

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