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Los Angeles Dodgers, highest payroll of all time in MLB

Los Angeles Dodgers, highest payroll of all time in MLB

The Los Angeles Dodgers will have the highest payroll once they start MLB 2021.

According to Jeff Passan, following the signing of Austin Barnes for 4.2 million, the Dodgers’ annual figure rose to 260 million by 2021, something that no other team in MLB history had paid in a single season.

The first indication of this was the contract of Trevor Bauer, who will only be paid 40 million in 2021, followed by David Price with 32 million, Clayton Kershaw with 23 million and Mookie Betts with 17,500 million and Justin Turner with 17.

This makes it clear that the Los Angeles Dodgers team is not in a position to add more luxury players to its roster both this season and next season due to its 2021 MLB roster.

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Not to mention that Mookie still has not cashed in his first season of the juicy contract, Seager and Bellinger continue with normal salaries.

The only way would be to get out of players who are already on that roster. (GG) (Fielding)

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