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Louis van Gaal comes with a heavy hand to “a clockwork orange”: “Get used to the regime”

Louis van Gaal comes with a heavy hand to “a clockwork orange”: “Get used to the regime”

One of the teams that did not meet expectations in the last European Championship was the Netherlands. The Dutch team lost in the round of 16 to the Czech Republic, triggering the dismissal of Frank De Boer. Now Louis van Gaal takes command of the Clockwork Orange and prepares to completely change the dynamics of the team.

The Royal Netherlands Football Association announced on 4 August that Louis van Gaal would take over as Netherlands coach for the third time. The veteran from the past at FC Barcelona and Manchester United will have his third term with the Orange team after what happened in the Euro.

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It was van Gaal himself who said in a speech with the women’s team that De Boer had gathered “a lot of glorified stars who could not make it at the European Championship.” Now it is his turn to put everything in order in the Netherlands National Team, which is preparing for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Van Gaal arrives with clear objectives
The DT has been presented this Tuesday to the press and revealed that he has already contacted the leaders of the selected team, stating that he has a great harmony with the players. I don’t have to prove myself. They were very nice conversations, they lasted a long time. I don’t think there are coaches who talk to a player for more than an hour. “

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“I wanted to make it clear that you can work much better as a team than as a group of people. When you look at my career, you know that my first few months are never good. The players have to get used to the van Gaal regime ”added the coach at the press conference. (Bolavip)

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