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Louisville pays tribute to Ali, his favorite son

Louisville, the city that gave birth to Muhammad Ali, his favorite son, pays permanent tribute to his memory since his death was announced on Friday night in a Phoenix hospital at the age of 74.
Since Saturday, the city has raised its flags at half-staff as a sign of mourning and is preparing to welcome home its champion for the last time.
The mayor of the city, Greg Fischer, recalled that Ali stood out in all his facets: champion in sports, icon of civil rights, author of humanitarian activities and was also an “interfaith pioneer.”
“The Lip of Louisville spoke to everyone,” Fischer noted, referring to the press nickname for Ali for his light-hearted way of speaking.
He added that “he has done it like no one else could, like our brother, our uncle and our inspiration.”
While at the Muhammad Ali Center, the boxer’s supporters created a makeshift memorial, leaving flowers and written tributes.
The president of the Muhammad Ali Center, Donald E. Lasserre, said that Ali “will be remembered for his love for all people, his athleticism, his humanitarian actions, his social justice and his courage in and out of the ring.”
Lasserre added that “I’m sure Muhammad would want me to say something like this: He would want to be remembered for how handsome he was.”
While many Louisville residents took advantage of the Sunday break to go to churches and then visit the little pink house where Ali was born and raised.
Throughout the rest of the city, residents also remember the figure of Ali as the athlete and leader who did the most for the good image of the city throughout the world.
Louisville will also host the former world champion’s funeral on Friday, an event that will be open to the public and broadcast around the world.
The general feeling that exists among the residents of the city is of a permanent gratitude towards the person of Ali, beyond all that he was as an athlete and leader, for the identification he always had with the land where he was born, of the one who was proud.
Ali’s father, Cassius Clay Sr., a painter by trade, was always a beloved man in the neighborhood where the great world boxing legend was born.
Ali’s brother, Rahman Ali, has been the one who has received the condolences of the residents, who have contacted the family to accompany them in the loss of their loved one.
While throughout the city, regardless of the religious denomination, in all the Sunday celebrations they have remembered the personal trajectory of Ali, who always had as his goal to seek equality and the fight for the civil rights of those most in need.
In addition, Ali’s vision of religion was highlighted when he said that “rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, oceans, they all have different names, but they all contain water,” the former world champion had expressed at the time.
«Like religions they have different names, and they all have the truth, expressed in different forms and times. It does not matter if one is Muslim, Christian or Jewish. When you believe in God, you should believe that all people are part of one family, ”Ali insisted.
In all the religious acts, the common denominator was also to praise the figure of the Ali man, who fought for a better world and also always did it with a smile, which everyone described as “contagious” and “unique.” EFE

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