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Lucas Hernández has until October 28 to enter prison

Lucas Hernández has until October 28 to enter prison

The French international defender of Bayern Munich, Lucas Hernández, sentenced for not having respected a restraining measure imposed after a fight with his partner, has until October 28 to voluntarily enter prison, unless his appeal is accepted, he reported this Monday Spanish justice.

Initially summoned for this Tuesday by a court in Madrid to notify him of the incarceration order, the 25-year-old player appeared “at 11:30 am today (Monday), voluntarily, the day before.” explained in a statement the Superior Court of Justice of the Spanish capital.

“The ten-day period for voluntary presentation in prison expires at midnight on Thursday, October 28,” the court detailed.

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The 2018 world champion and winner of the League of Nations with Bleus against Spain a week ago, appealed his entry into prison, but it remains to be seen if his request will have a favorable response and if it is before October 28, to avoid his entry into jail, a court source told AFP.

Lucas Hernández and his partner Amelia Lorente were sentenced for spousal violence in February 2017 to 31 days of community service and to stay apart and without communication for six months for a case of mutual spousal violence.

Only four months later, already reconciled, the player and his partner were intercepted at the Madrid airport when they were returning together from a trip to the United States.

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The footballer was detained a few hours before being released, while Lorente was not detained because the restraining order had not yet been formally communicated to her.

As a result of this episode, Lucas Hernández was tried and sentenced in December 2019 to six months in prison for violating the restraining order issued in February 2017.

A spokesman for the higher regional court in Madrid defended the imprisonment order in an interview last week with the German daily Bild: “There are two convictions for domestic violence and a third for violation of the sentence. It is a very serious offense, “Luis Salas told the newspaper. AFP (HN)

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