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Luis Enrique: We haven’t been superior enough

Luis Enrique: We haven’t been superior enough

The Spanish coach Luis Enrique Martínez praised Poland, who prevented Spain from winning the European Championship and lamented the missed chances and, especially, the missed penalty by Gerard Moreno “at a time that was very good”

«I feel a tremendous desire to see the game to analyze it. But they are not the best feelings. We have been superior, but not enough to win clearly. I liked Poland, they haven’t given us many chances, but they did have one like Lewandowski’s that ended in a goal. Too bad about the penalty that came in handy at a crucial moment in the match. We had chances”, analyzed the coach on Telecinco.

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Luis Enrique “hoped for greater superiority and to be able to generate more chances, but it is also because of the rival that he did a great job. When there is no positive result, you have to analyze the game especially.”

«I would have liked the changes to have contributed more but it has not happened. It is not the fault of the players who are the first to want to do well”, added the coach who was confident in qualifying for the round of 16.

«A victory ensures us classification and we can be first, even first in the group. Nobody said it was going to be easy, “continued the coach.

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“That’s what you (journalists) are for to reassure and encourage us. I am delighted with this group. You have to come here in four days. There is no other. We have to win”, insisted Luis Enrique who praised Álvaro Morata not only for the goal scored.

«Morata has done many things well today and the other day, the goal is an anecdote that comes in handy for him and the forwards. The rival has done very well and has put us in trouble, “he insisted.

Luis Enrique ruled out that he had sent a positive message to the players because he did not speak to them after the match. «They will have invented it, I don’t speak after the end of the game, never, because it is not the best time to draw conclusions. I only give encouragement for the next game.

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“What we have to do is play better and create more chances. We hope to be up to the task”, concluded the Spanish coach. EFE. (JL).

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