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«Luis Fernando Suárez:« Being a giant among dwarfs, I don’t think it’s worth it »

«Luis Fernando Suárez:« Being a giant among dwarfs, I don’t think it’s worth it »

The helmsman of the national team, Luis Fernando Suárez, analyzed the start of the CONCACAF Octagonal Final and how he envisions the duel against Mexico next Sunday at the National Stadium.
In an interview with Azteca Deportes, Suárez referred to the advancement of the teams in the area since the time when Mexico was known as the “Giant” of CONCACAF.
“It is necessary to highlight what others have done. Being a giant among dwarves I don’t think it’s worth it. Suddenly Mexico did it for a long time, but today the competition is much greater, and it is still valid. It is necessary to value much more the evolution that the other countries have had ”.
Also, Suárez pointed out that the results of this first game of the Octagonal Final reflect how competitive the rest of the matches will be and that surprises will continue.
“They are going to be a qualifying round, in which it will not be known until the end who the possible qualifiers are. There are some who enter as favorites, but not as people say, that Mexico and the United States are classified, in this first game it was a faithful reflection that this is not going to be so easy ”.
“Mexico is a team that with any alignment has a very good position, generates a lot in attack, has very good pressure, on the sides it is fast, constant and dangerous. It seems to me that for that reason, he has had such a great validity in Concacaf, he will always be a very difficult opponent ”.
The Colombian coach is not distracted by the absences of the Mexican team or the health problems of Gerardo “El Tata” Martino.
“There is a much larger coaching staff, the coach’s task is already as a facilitator, the assistants have the same idea and they can apply whatever they want on the field even without being there. I don’t think it’s a disadvantage for them ”.
Suárez detailed what are the key points for this second commitment of the World Cup qualifiers.
“The most important thing is in the possession of the ball. Mexico is the best in this area and has players who do it very well. Midfield is where the game is won. We have to be aggressive to take the ball from them and then develop the game, different from what we did against Panama ”. (Aztec Sports)

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