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Luis Suárez and two Costa Rican players test positive for covid-19

Luis Suárez and two Costa Rican players test positive for covid-19

The coach of Costa Rica, the Colombian Luis Fernando Suárez, as well as two players and three administrators of the Federation, tested positive for covid-19.

“Both the coach, the administrative staff and the players have their respective vaccination schedule and at the moment they are with mild symptoms and in good condition,” the national team doctor, Alejandro Ramírez, said in a statement.

Of the group of infected people, only Suárez authorized the Federation to reveal his name.

The six members of the delegation made the trip to the United States for the World Cup qualifying match to Qatar 2022 that was played on Wednesday and ended with a 2-1 defeat by the Costa Rican against the North American team.

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These people reported mild symptoms for which they were given the respective tests that yielded positive. Because of this, the rest of the delegation was subjected to tests after entering the country this Thursday.

Before the trip to the United States, forward José Guillermo Ortiz had been left out of the team due to covid-19, who presented symptoms after last Sunday’s elimination match at home against El Salvador.

“The National Teams management has already communicated with the teams of the players summoned to officially report the situation and will also keep an eye on the health status of those infected with due follow-up,” says the statement from the Costa Rican Federation. EFE (HN)

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