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Luis Suárez: «Simeone convinces you that you are capable of doing it well»

Luis Suárez: «Simeone convinces you that you are capable of doing it well»

The Uruguayan forward of Atlético de Madrid Luis Suárez praised the motivational capacity of his coach, the Argentine Diego Pablo Simeone, of whom he said he knows how to “convince” each footballer that “he is capable of doing it well” and knows “what he needs the player in difficult moments ».

“When he sees that the player doesn’t have much confidence in training or in the game itself, he goes and talks to you and convinces you that you are capable of doing well, saying: ‘You play for something at Atlético, you are here for something. The last game didn’t mean anything, you have to keep trying, ‘”Suárez told the UEFA website.

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The Uruguayan forward considered that the ability of the rojiblanco coach is key for the players to overcome difficult moments. “A lot of players here have a couple of bad games and then (Simeone) has a conversation with them and the next game they play amazingly,” he added.

For Suárez, Simeone is “one of the best coaches in the world”, both because of his personality and because of his technical knowledge.

Speaking to UEFA on the occasion of this Wednesday’s duel against Liverpool on the fourth day of the Champions League, Suárez recalled his time at the English club, between 2010 and 2014, a team “with whom he played with the PlayStation” he admitted.

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There he listened many times to ‘You’ll never walk alone’, the anthem of the English club.

«The lyrics say it all. You can have a bad game, and a bad game later, but they will never stop believing in you. They won’t let you walk alone, as they say. People won’t boo you if you lose a ball. They will continue to believe in you because you play for Liverpool. And that confidence that people give you is enormous, “explained Suárez.

Regarding the defeat of the previous duel in the Wanda Metropolitano (2-3), Suárez pointed out that it was “small details” that determined the match, with the two goals in the first 13 minutes, until the expulsion of the French Antoine Griezmann and the 2-3 definitive penalty.

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At Anfield Road, the Atlético striker was convinced that they will be able to find the weaknesses of Liverpool, who have not lost a single match between the Premier League and the Champions League.

“We know how good Liverpool is in the counterattack when they go up with their fast forwards. We know they have some weaknesses that we could exploit in our favor, and we should exploit them again in the next game, “said Suárez, who considered that the local public will be” one more player “for Liverpool. EFE (HN)

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