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Lung disease put an end to the career of an NBA star

Lung disease put an end to the career of an NBA star

An NBA doctor indicated that the American player Chris Bosh will not be able to continue his professional career, as a result of the disease that was detected in late 2015 that had him removed from the courts, without knowing what his future would be.
The power forward, who had a high salary and was not dismissed from the team despite not playing a game since the sad news, will be released and the Miami Heat will have a high salary margin for next season.

The problems for the 33-year-old Heat player began during All Star weekend 2015, when an illness rushed him to the hospital. From that moment his ordeal began.
The presence of blood clots in his lungs put his career on “stand by”, since the tests that were carried out warned that if he continued practicing at the highest level, a pulmonary embolism could occur.
From there Bosh dealt with medical and legal issues, while still occupying a spot on the Heat roster, which continued to cover his high salary, awaiting positive news. (Infobae)

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