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Manny Acta is the new leader of the Águilas Cibaeñas instead of Fermín

Manny Acta is the new leader of the Águilas Cibaeñas instead of Fermín

Former Major League foreman Manny Acta was appointed today as the new manager of the Águilas Cibaeñas to replace his compatriot Félix Fermín, who leaves the team fourth in the standings this regular season.

Acta, who is also vice president of operations for the Eagles, assumes the reins of the squad for the first time, after directing the Tigres del Licey and the Estrellas Orientales in the local championship.

Fermín’s dismissal occurs when the Eagles (10-12) have scored just 4 runs in the last 5 games, of which they have lost four. In addition, they have made 9 errors during that losing streak.

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“We appreciate your time and Fermín’s dedication to us. A change of environment is sought; We are in the middle of the season and we want to exhaust all kinds of resources so that this team can move forward,” said the president of the Eagles, Winston “Chilote” Llenas, at a press conference.

Former Dominican Major League player Miguel Tejada will be Acta’s assistant coach at Cueva de las Águilas, based in the city of Santiago (north), the second most important in the country.

The brand new eaglet manager directed the local ball for the last time in the 2004-2005 campaign, when he led the Tigers to the league title.

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Acta was manager of the Washington Nationals (2007-2009) and the Cleveland Indians (2010-2012), in American professional baseball.

The Eagles are listed along with the Tigers as the most popular and winning teams in the Dominican professional baseball championship, but their last title was in the 2007-2008 campaign. EFE

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