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Maradona anticipated the end of the Messi-Barcelona relationship: “they will pay him like they paid me”

Maradona anticipated the end of the Messi-Barcelona relationship: “they will pay him like they paid me”

Sitting in the armchair in front of the television, Diego Maradona shakes his head as he hears that Messi is close to renewing his contract for another four years with Barcelona. A handful of months earlier, the Supreme Court of Spain had ratified the conviction against the idol for tax evasion, something that Pelusa had sensed as a bad sign.

In the same room he is accompanied by his last press officer, who ended up being the recipient of the prediction, unthinkable then, in 2017, in times of idyll, but which ended up becoming reality.

“I know that Messi is going to go badly with Barcelona. Or, at least, he is not going to go as he deserves, “said Pelusa convinced, as Infobae was able to recap. “I left the same. Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona club, don’t care what you give them, they don’t thank you.

They are going to pay him as they paid me ”, he assured. The context of the epilogues of the Argentine stars were dissimilar, but they did coincide in the fact that both ended up with another shirt, hurt.

The last year and a half of the Rosario striker in the entity, to a large extent, resembled a Via Crucis. From the friction with the directive commission headed by Josep Bartoméu, which included the complaint to the club for the hiring of a company that operated in networks to wear out the referents (among them, Messi), to 2-8 against Bayern Munich, consequence of the terrible sporting and economic management; all factors that led to the sending of the burofax declaring itself a free agent 12 months ago.

After a first judicial launch, the attacker chose to fulfill his year of contract, still in the discomfort of knowing that he was sleeping with the enemy and without companions and friends of weight at his side, like Luis Suárez.

The panorama seemed to change with the change of command in the institution, the assumption of Joan Laporta as president (who used the captain’s name as an electoral flag) and the victory in the Copa del Rey, which returned Leo’s smile.

And, when everything indicated that the conditions were in place for the renewal of the two-year contract, another rudder on the conditions, which led to the end without turning back the relationship.

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As much as the club relies on the restrictions of the Spanish League in terms of financial Fair Play to argue the rupture, and that Messi has preferred to believe and not confront in the farewell press conference, the doubt about what precipitated the separation was floating in the air. “We have received a dire inheritance.

That has made the club, the wage bill, represent 110% of the club’s income. We have no salary margin. La Liga regulations go through a financial fair play that sets limitations.

We have no margin. We couldn’t get the first contract agreed with Leo Messi ”, Laporta remarked at a press conference. Nor did he manage to reduce this wage bill by cutting names with little relevance today in the squad, such as Umtiti and Pjanic, whistled by the fans during the Joan Gamper trophy against Juventus.

“Laporta had said that everything was settled, but we could not reach an agreement for La Liga. There is no more than that. It is clear to me that I did everything possible to stay. I heard many things about my future, but it is clear to me that I did my best to stay, ”Messi highlighted in his farewell ceremony, in a closed space for the media, without the public’s bath of ovation.

The window is not the exit opening for a legend. La Pulga came to reduce his assets by 50%; That is where the efforts of the best player in the world, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, the brand-new champion of the Copa América with the Argentine national team. An X-ray of the effort implicit in his sentence.

If even a member of the ruling party was angry with the outcome and resigned. This is Jaume Llopis, member of the Barcelona Space Commission. He sent a letter to Laporta in which he struck him with impetus: “You disappointed me, I thought you were the only one capable of facing Florentino (alluding to Pérez, the owner of Real Madrid).

I lack information, but surely much more could be done for Messi to stay. Those that are left over are many. Messi was an important patrimony of FC Barcelona. We reinforce PSG and make it easier for Mbappé to go to Madrid. Florentino’s perfect plan. You will go down in history as the president who fired Messi ”.

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Surely, he is far from the end that Messi dreamed of after more than 20 years in Barcelona, ​​which he feels like his second home. Maradona guessed that something would happen, based on the experience of his tumultuous goodbye, but for other reasons. Diego spent 700 days as a culé.

In a complicated operation, the Blaugranas made their services in exchange for 7,300,000 dollars, a record figure for the time. There he won three titles (a Copa del Rey, a League Cup and a Spanish Super Cup), scored 45 goals in 75 games, but lived an exhausting relationship with President José Luis Núñez, who did not agree with his rebellious spirit.

An example is worth an anecdote: four days before a Copa del Rey final against Real Madrid, Paul Breitner invited Diego and Bernd Schuster to his tribute match in Munich. The leadership refused to authorize them to travel with an unbeatable letter in their hands: the club kept the passports of the footballers to always have them ready for travel.

As they were not returned, Ten appeared with his partner at the president’s offices requesting a hearing. They stopped him in the trophy room with the excuse that he was not present. “So you don’t want to show your face? I’m going to wait five minutes. If they don’t give me a passport, all these trophies that are here, that are divine, that are made of glass, I am going to throw them away one by one ”, he said in his autobiography“ I am Diego ”.

“I grabbed a ‘Teresa Herrera’, raised the trophy as high as I could and threw it… Puuummbbb!… It made a noise… ‘You-these-crazy,’ Bernd Schuster told me. ‘Yes, I’m crazy. I’m crazy because they can’t get my passport … And when more seconds pass, more minutes, more trophies I’m going to throw away. ‘

The thing is, they gave me my passport back … but they didn’t let us go to Breitner’s game. I don’t know what the hell, but there was a clause from the Spanish Federation… But I broke a Teresa Herrera for them and they gave me the passport; it was unconstitutional for them to stay with him ”, he narrated in the book co-authored by Ernesto Cherquis Bialo and Daniel Arcucci.

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Hepatitis and the criminal fracture caused by Andoni Goikoetxea undermined his path in Catalonia. Also the fact of remaining permanently under the magnifying glass of the media and the fame that he earned for his night excursions and the closeness of the “clan”, as his group of friends and relatives was baptized in Spain.

The situation became untenable and Pelusa received a three-month suspension for the incidents in the 83-84 Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao. “One day I cut my losses and said to Núñez:” I want you to sell me! ” “He did not tell me. “So, I don’t play anymore!” And the Napoli thing came out ”, Diego recounted in his book. In the publication “Maradona, the kid, the rebel, the God”, by Guillem Balagué, the story has edges of the other bell.

Indeed, Joan Gaspart, who was vice president at the time, offered him the renewal; that was his intention. But Núñez, convinced to negotiate it, took advantage of the double game for Barcelona to get a better cut in the negotiation with Napoli, which ended up paying 7 and a half million dollars, 200,000 more than those that the culé had invested.

“They made me want to leave. Some leaders doubted Maradona, so I’m leaving ”, he hammered. In another context, in 2021, it is Messi who leaves Barça, in tears, when on Thursday he had set foot in the city with the raised pen, ready to sign a contract that he never had in front of his nose.

Somehow, what Diego outlined in private four years ago, he had made public in his own way, at a press conference, naming emblems of Barcelona who did not leave with the laurel wreath they deserved.

This is a phrase that El Grafico rescued in the last hours, with the milk of the Messi case already spilled: “Don’t do the same thing you did with dad, with Rivaldo, with Ronaldo, with Romario, with Figo, and so I can tell you a lot of players who fired out of jealousy at Barcelona. And the one who loses is always the people ”. (Bolavip)

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