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Maradona’s daughters deny charges in dispute with former soccer player’s lawyer

Maradona’s daughters deny charges in dispute with former soccer player’s lawyer

Two daughters of Diego Maradona, Dalma and Gianinna, denied the charges of alleged digital harassment for their messages on social networks against the lawyer Matías Morla in the middle of a dispute over the use of the brand ‘Maradona’, in the hands of the former footballer’s lawyer.

During a hearing at Prosecutor 4 of the City of Buenos Aires in which they appeared remotely, Dalma first and Gianinna later referred to briefs presented by their lawyers where the charges were denied and Morla is accused of “trying to assume the quality of of victim ”.

Digital harassment is a violation that can be punished with a fine, community service, or up to five days of arrest.

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The daughters who had the ’10’ of his union with Claudia Villafañe are at odds with Morla for the use of the brand with the name of the ex-footballer, who died in November of last year.

“It is evident that Ms. Dalma Maradona and Gianinna Maradona have not only been suffering public derision in networks, but also in television and print media, for several years from those who are now trying to assume the status of victim”, reads the writing that made it to the press.

Last Friday the National Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Appeals agreed with Morla and lifted the suspension of commercialization with the name, nicknames and pseudonyms referring to the former world champion in Mexico-1986 that Maradona’s daughters had achieved on 31 March through a precautionary measure.

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These trademarks are registered in the National Institute of Industrial Property in the name of Sattvica SA, a company established by Morla and a brother-in-law of his in June 2015, after obtaining a power of attorney from Maradona for the representation and commercial use of those names.

After the judicial setback, Dalma and Gianinna Maradona published a statement in which they accuse Sattvica of “being a rubber stamp or a cardboard company” and Morla of defrauding her father.

“We understand that clearly (Morla) would have defrauded our father by subtracting his trademarks from his assets, incorporating them into his through a legal entity, Sattvica SA,” they argued.

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Maradona died on November 25 at the age of 60, while recovering from an operation for a bruise on his head. The criminal justice system investigates the health professionals who were treating him to determine if the death could be framed within the crime of “simple homicide with eventual intent.”

In parallel, civil justice processes another trial for the inheritance of who was a star of FC Barcelona and Naples.

Besides Dalma (34 years old) and Gianinna (32), Maradona’s other children are Diego Junior (34), Jana (25), and Diego Fernando (8). (AFP)

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