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Marcus Rashford Award for athletes who promote social change is born

Marcus Rashford Award for athletes who promote social change is born

World Summit Football (WSF), in collaboration with Facebook, created the Marcus Rashford Award – an English footballer who plays for Manchester United – with the aim of commemorating “the work of the athlete to change the lives of children and fight against violence. child poverty in the UK ”, announced the WSF organization.

The award will be given annually to those athletes who “use their influence to promote social change, whether by promoting environmental causes, helping in the fight against discrimination or improving the living conditions of social groups around the world,” reported WFS.

Rashford, runner-up in the last European Championship 2020, sent a letter to parliament about the decision of the English government to remove the school aid program during the summer – similar to the one he and his family took in the past – something that caused the Prime Minister Boris Johnsson approved a 170 million pound aid for English families in less than 24 hours.

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“You wake up every morning as a footballer and think about how you can use your influence to promote social change. I hope that children coming out of the quarries around the world realize that they can be part of this social change if they want to. Much work remains to be done and child poverty has not yet been eradicated, millions of children still do not have access to one of the most basic human rights: food, ”said Marcus Rashford.

The footballer will be the first to receive this trophy at the next WFS Awards gala: “I am extremely proud, not only to receive this award, but also that it has been named in my honor and I am excited to congratulate future winners and celebrate it with them.

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The award, made exclusively from recycled plastic, will be presented to Rashford himself at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium at the WFS Award gala, which will take place on September 22-23. EFE (HN)

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