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Marion Bartoli, alienated from Wimbledon because of her extreme thinness, fears for her life

Wimbledon organizers and the medical corps have decided that Marion Bartoli, the 2013 tournament winner, will not participate in this week’s Tournament of Legends at the All England Club due to health concerns. The Frenchwoman was supposed to play a senior doubles match together with Britain’s Anne Keothavong, but was replaced by Melanie Sur by decision of the organization.

The decision comes from the significant weight loss of Bartoli (almost 20 kilos), withdrawn a few months after winning the British tournament, in 2013. The extreme thinness of the French is due to a mysterious virus that she contracted on one of her trips in India, which has even made him fear for his life, as he declared this Thursday on an ITV channel program.

Bartoli, 31, told the program that doctors still did not know the name of the virus, insisting that it is not anorexia. The former player commented that she can only eat organic salads, and cucumber without skin, and drink mineral water, and not try tap water.

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The former player wears gloves when using her mobile because the virus causes her electrosensitivity. “I was afraid for my life. I am worried that one day my heart may stop, ”she said.

Next Monday Bartoli will enter a clinic to try to treat a still unknown disease.

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