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Mauricio Sulaimán: “Mike Tyson that’s what I would have liked to be”

Mauricio Sulaimán: “Mike Tyson that’s what I would have liked to be”

Mexican Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), said today that his dream was to be a great professional champion and former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was his model.

“Mike Tyson that’s what I would have liked to be because the other one I liked was Ray ‘Sugar’ Leonard, an impossible because he was too fast,” the sports leader told EFE today.

After confessing that he admired former Mexican bantamweight world champion Carlos Zárate, whom he greeted in the ring as a child, Sulaimán confessed that his great desire was always to be a top boxer, but his father did not let him and he also had no talent.

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«I lacked everything, stuck I don’t know. I practiced it from the age of eight to 15 but then I went to study abroad, I also played baseball, as a pitcher, third base or catcher, until I was forced to go to study, “he said.

Sulaimán, son of the former president of the WBC, José Sulaimán, inherited the position from his father at the beginning of 2014, he has sometimes allowed himself to be photographed with gloves on and always talks about his passion for boxing and his encounters with champions from years ago whom he met through his father.

«Sometimes I dream that I am on top of the ring, it is the dream that did not come true; other times I move as a fighter, I make feints with my children or when I’m watching a fight, “he added.

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The 47-year-old manager considered that practicing boxing is something reserved for some chosen with hunger of all kinds, heart, courage and discipline and not everyone can get ahead in the sport of fists.

«I was good at blows, but I am a man of peace and I have more to separate lawsuits; Down in the ring I see fights as acts of violence and I don’t like street fights. The lawsuits must be above the ring, “he confessed. EFE

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