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Max Scherzer Declares War on MLB Commissioner Over Substance Reviews

Max Scherzer Declares War on MLB Commissioner Over Substance Reviews

The war is unleashed between Major League Baseball (MLB) and several of its players, all due to the decision of Commissioner Rob Manfred to sanction those pitchers who use illegal substances in the balls, being the one who leads this revolt, the star of Washington Nationals , Max Scherzer.

The proof of that occurred last day, during the game against the Philadelphia Phillies, where he threw his glove and threatened to drop his pants in front of the umpires, after constant requests from the manager of this box, Joe Girardi, for the pitcher Curiously, instead of criticizing the rival coach for this fact, Scherzer undertook them against Commissioner Manfred, pointing to him as the person responsible for this measure, which points to a punishment of up to 10 games of suspension if irregularities are found.

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The War: Max Scherzer vs. Rob manfred

I have absolutely nothing on myself. You can check what you want. Take off all my clothes if you want. I have absolutely nothing on me, “the pitcher said of the Phillies game incident, adding that” it’s going to be dangerous if you’re in a cold game and don’t sweat. What are we going to do then?”.

It was at this point that Scherzer threw his darts at the MLB Commissioner, noting that “these are the Manfred Rules. Ask him what he wants to do about it. I have already said enough “, adding that” I would have to be a fool to be using something tonight, when everyone’s antenna is so high. “

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On the same day, Oakland Athletics Mexican pitcher Sergio Romo also protested this measure and went further, lowering his pants in front of the referees. (Bolavip)

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